Adsense approval tricks

Google Adsense is the largest or biggest Ads Network and it is based on Pay Per Click(ppc/cpc) system.
They paid better rates and this network better than the all other networks and this is the biggest reason
that sway it is very popular among all the Bloggers and all the Webmasters. Because of everyone want to join Adsense, Adsense have made the system of approval very strict for the publisher. Whenever a publisher make a little mistake and so get disapproved any time. So everyone need a complete or full guidance and know about those list of thing that a publisher need to do before joining/applying for Google Adsense
and now i am suppose that you are ready for that.

(1) Genuine content
First thing that Google Adsense want from Publisher is that publisher should have genuine content on the website or blog. Content should not to be copied by the publisher. If a publisher do this this mistake then Google Adsense will not approve your application. copy content means that when you make a website or blog then you will post a content or many content on the website or blog then you can't copy any post from any other website or blog. You should have to publish unique or genuine content if you want to join Google adsense.
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(2) Privacy Policy
This is the common mistake that everyone website owner or a blogger makes. But some people says that a Privacy Policy for a Blog doesn't matter for joining the Google Adsense but they are absolutly wrong.
A Privacy Policy actually describes all the things to your online readers about the metter what they will get on our website or Blog , what readers should do and what they should not to do. In taking mind all these reasons so this is nothing bad or wrong in having Privacy Policy on the website or blog. It is definetly effect for getting Adsense Approval, Publisher should must give it try. Everyone can write privacy policy yourself or can be find online Privacy Policy Generators.
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(3) About Page
About page has big importance and role if a publisher don’t want to apply for Google Adsense. Whenever it comes to Google Adsense, then they are Zero chances of getting approved by Adsense if a publisher are not showing about page on the website. This about page simply tell/describe about your website or blog. This page will really help you to establish a close relationship with all the online readers but it this page also make them fully trust upon your website or blog.
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(4) Age
Age is the most important factor for joining Google Adsense. Anyone who want to join Google Adsense should have to be complete the age of 18, And also care when you fill the form of Adsense. If your age is less then 18 years then they will reject you immediately. Maximum people make this mistake before they apply Google Adsense. So i suggest you that you should not make this minor mistake because this can become a big problem for you.
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(5) Types of Content
Be sure that which types of content on the website or blog you are publishing. It is the important part of that truly matters for Google Adsense. Google Adsense not accept Pornographic, Drugs, Illegal things or other website/Blogs like that. Also Google Adsense  not accept you if you are owner of a Non English Blog/website. Posts on website if shorter than 300 words will be a Red Signal.
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(6) Name or Email Verification
you should put your Name and Email address on the website or blog in some visible area just like Contact Us page and About Me pages. It will trust on you and also confirm to Google Adsense that this is the same publisher who apply or want to join for Google Adsense and not any other or some spam, robot or crappy bots.

(7) Top Level Domain
Top level domain are those domain who are popular worldwide. Adsense approve “” and “Blogspot” Blogs. You must have your own unique domain or blog that specifies your Blogs easily. If you are not a owener of one yet, then stop dreaming for getting approval with any Sub domains and now you should go buy a Top Level Domain now.

(8) Other Ad Networks
If a publisher have any other Ad network on the same website or blog or placed like Chitika, Bidvertiser or any other network, it is the time to remove them.
But Google Adsense allow every publisher to use other Ad Networks with the Adsense, it will be the best to remove the ads of another ad network before joining or Applying and also don’t put them back on the same website or blog until get a reply message from Google Adsense Team.

Good Luck for joining or applying for Google Adsense. They are good network i hope they will approve you and they will give a chance to be a good publisher for them.
And last if they not approve then you can use any other ad network and list of top 10 cpc ad network are on the following link